January 10, 2016

Premier Inn

Another popular city motel in the world today is the Premier Inn in United Kingdom. This budget hotel is the biggest brand in the United Kingdom.

Premier Inn in Crawley

A Premier Inn in Crawley.

It operates in various locations including airports, suburbs, and centers.

Most of the Premier Travel Inn hotels are newly constructed and developed. One reason why the city motels are popular among tourists and travelers is because of its on-site restaurant, which is present in every hotel building.

The city hotel is also popular because of its perfect places for business trips and quiet ambiance.

Premier Inn

History per Wikipedia:

The chain started trading in 1987 as ‘Travel Inn’. The first site to open was next to “The Watermilll” Beefeater in Basildon. In 2004, Whitbread acquired another hotel chain, Premier Lodge for ¬£505 million.[1] This added an additional 141 hotels to the existing portfolio and Whitbread re-branded every hotel as “Premier Travel Inn”, which was shortened to “Premier Inn” later in 2007, by which time it accounted for more than 70% of the parent company’s earnings.